Friday, 18 June 2010

anti-climax over......happy again!

Finishing was a huge anti-climax. Getting to JOG was a big dissapointment, completely unlike the excitement at LE. No fanfares, no jubilant handshakes (just did that when we got back to Thurso).
I'll not do full accurate stats, I'm sure Eric will, his numbers are a little differnt to mine, mainly because of my 7 miles detour to look for a new mech hanger on the 1st day!
My total was 1621km in 84hr 12mins, just over 1000 miles approx. Total climbing was approx 15622 metres with two big days in Cornwall, one in Shropshire, one in the borders, which was also my longest day at 92.5m (148km), that was also my favourite day. Best place to stay was Crask, the wendy house view that morning was amazing. Roads were great with generally excellent surfaces, the only exception was Edinburgh, obviously all the money is in the trams.
Best (only) icecream was in Milnthorpe
Best (only) whiskey was on the Dalwhinnie tour.
Biggest hill was Drumochter 462m, hardest hill into the wind was Shap, although the borders day with 6 times over 300m was great.
Beer blog not yet completed. Update later.
Zero punctures
Only breakdown was Erics hanger
Cakes eaten - incalculable
Lance Armstrong might have to ride a bit faster than us, but not carrying all those cakes and having to write a beer blog. Lance - must do better.

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