Sunday, 13 June 2010

.......use the forks luke, use the forks.

Classic punchline for today, but I nearly wet myself thinking of the other star wars joke about Darth trying to distract Luke when they were fighting with their light sabres.
Darth: I know what you've got for Christmas
Luke; dont be ridiculous, how could you know that?
Darth: I've felt your presents.

Anyhoo, big day getting home, 92m, and a huge 1600m of climbing, but it felt good. The bike will get a full service overnight by the bike repair fairies, although they usually leave the tyre pressures and chain lube to me.
Great to see loads of folks out supporting the ride home. Bill rode all the way from Innerleithen to Dunfermline, Pete rode from Edi to Inners and back with us, Sid met us for lunch and my sis Anne, Steve, Erin and Beth met us in Bonnyrigg for photos. Thanks to everyone else for the texts and emails, the support has been amazing. Only 5 more days to go.


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