Friday, 11 June 2010

Day 7 - Standish to Kendall

An early start this morning. Breakfast at 7 and on the road by 8.  The weather was sunny when we were having breakfast but clouded over as we set off.  No rain though.  The sun came out later on in the day and by the time we got to Kendall it was pretty warm.

Most of the day was spent on the A6.  We were about a mile off at the start of the day and stayed on it until we we got to Lancaster.  A fairly straight and boring road but with cycle lanes for large sections which helped.  Traffic wasn't too bad once we got North of the M51.  We paused for coffee and cake at a large garden centre sort of place which sold all sorts of stuff near Barton.  I was feeling fairly weary after the long distance yesterday and the early start - so I took it fairly easy and let Sandy disappear into the distance.

We got to Lancaster in reasonable time - the only concern was a sharp twinge in my left knee as we approached - the right knee I can understand after two cartilage ops but I have never had any trouble with the left.   It seemed to clear a little after we left Lancaster so fingers crossed.

On the way out of Lancaster we spotted cycle path 6 towards Kendal and decided to take it.  Well, I decided and since I have got the route Sandy followed.  It was a rather circuitous route out of Lancaster - but it took us to the Lancaster canal just as the 500 miles came up.  We stopped to take a few photos and then followed the canal for the next 5 miles.  It was a nice break from the main road and we took photos of ducks and swans along the way.  The canal was beside the A6 so it was perfect.  As we left it we decided to rejoin the A6 rather than take route 6 along the back roads.

We got to Milnethorpe about 1.30 and stopped for an ice cream.  As we were about to set off again the road seemed to get really busy, so I decided to take route 6 again.  This was fine - really quiet back roads, but with some steepish hills which we walked up rather than tire our legs more.

We arrived in Kendal some 9 miles later at around 3 p.m. and set about finding somewhere to stay.  After a couple of phone calls with no luck we retired to the tourist info office who found us one of the last  remaining rooms just along the road.  Big relief.  We had been a little concerned about finding somewhere on the Friday and Saturday night so have booked ahead for tomorrow in Langholm.

We showered and then watched the second half of RSA vs Mexico.

Family member has collected the bike part from the shop so hopefully it will fit ok.

Shap, Penrith and Carlisle tomorrow. Beer and football tonight.

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