Friday, 25 June 2010

Photos from the last 5 days

Some photos from the last few days - formatting is a bit messed up for some reason.

Tame blackbird nicking bits of scone

Sandy having tea at The Blair Atholl Arms

The guest house in Blair Atholl

Loch Garry on the way up to Drumochter summit.

Drumochter summit

Dalwhinnie Distillery

View towards the Kessick Bridge on the way into Inverness

On the Kessick Bridge next morning.

On the way down into Ardgay and Bonar Bridge

Crask and the Crask Inn.  This is all there is there.
The Back of beyond.

Sandy's sleeping quarters

Sustrans marker at Crask.

The bar at Crask - some of the Black Isle Brewery beers are in rather short supply!

The top row - we didn't sample these :-).

Sunset at Crask - 10 p.m.

The final county!

Flagstones in Castletown.  It used to be a major industry here.
Flagstones from here are found all over the world.

Harbour at Castletown where the above flagstones were shipped from.

My Gtx4 Grandparents' grave in Dunnet churchyard

Dunnet Head - most Northerly point.

Lighthouse at Dunnet Head

John O'Groats - we made it.

The train home - early Saturday morning.

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