Saturday, 12 June 2010

Day 8 - Kendal to Langholm

66 Miles and what must be the best b&b so far by miles.

The high point of the day was literally Shap which came at about 10 miles.  Not big girlie Shap that you cross on the M6 just off to the East but proper men's Shap on the A6 with a strong north wind in your face.

The rest of the day was downhill all the way with a few little bumps.  The cycling was largely uneventful.  We did at least an extra half mile because of the one way system in Penrith.  Rubbish cycle paths through Carlisle - 6 inches wide if that and dug up and bumpy.

We took the A6 as far as Carlisle and the A7 to Langholm.  They were not too busy although the traffic was pretty quick, but not many trucks.  We stopped to take the obligatory photo as we crossed the border.

We arrived at the b&b at about 4.15 p.m.  it is owned by a couple who did the end to end a few years ago.  Talk about being spoiled.  Chocolate buns, our own sitting room, breakfast at a time of our asking (7 a.m. since it is a long day for Sandy tomorrow.)  We talked cycle paths and the like with the owner for a while before retiring for a shower. Now about to head over to the Douglas Hotel for tea.

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  1. Well done guys!!! Looks you dealt with Shap alright :-)

    What time will you be in Innerleithen? I have a kitchen pass for the day so would like to meet up if poss. Give me a call on the mobile or post a reply and I'll check later.

    Bill McK