Friday, 18 June 2010

Beer blog, the final frontier...

Thurso is a good beer free zone. Much like last night the anticipation of finding some of the Orkney beers was left wanting. All they have here is some fizzy export, although an unusual McEwans 60 was some minor consolation. It's hard to find, but it would never make it into the beer blog lejog top 10.
So to the results. In time honoured tradition, I shall annouce the rewards in reverse order.

In 3rd place, nothing (you will see why after I announce 2nd place), however IF I were to fill that place it would go to Deuchars IPA which we had in Langholm.

In joint 2nd, we have Shropshire Gold, and Crask Inn's Wednesday nights bottled Black Isle Yellowhammer IPA. Really smooth, and not too gassy for a bottled beer. I just could not choose between them.

And you already knew the winner. Head shoulders and some other measures above all the others is HPA. Beautiful, smooth, clear, loved it.

Best cider is Sams, although we didn't get to try too many before we left the cider west country.

All told a great oddysey and lots of fun conducting such vital refreshment research,


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