Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The best pale ale in the world (so far)

It's official. After going through most of the south west, I may have stumbled accross Herefordshires best kept secret. HPA, or Hereford Pale Ale.
Just like a Deuchars IPA, but at least twice as good - no I'm not kidding.
It could be that I was mega thirsty, but it was immense. Yummy.
Brill day, sunny & warm, not much rain and maybe THE best roadbike descent. nearly a mile, including a half mile of 1:5. It was a bit too narrow for mega speed (still managed 60kph), but the brakes were smokin at the bottom.
Still 10m ahead of target, but we'll do a short day tomorrow and get back on track.

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