Saturday, 19 June 2010

Journey home - part 2

Home again home again joggy lejog - or really that should be LETLDHJOG for Land's End, The Lizard, Dunnet Head, John O'Groats - but that doesn't really scan, although it might mean something in Welsh :-).

The train guards swapped over somewhere down the line - the second guy was a lot more pleasant - no jack boots or swastikas in sight.

As we got to Dingwall the conductor announced over the tannoy that there would be a three minute stop in case anyone needed a quick cigarette - first time I've heard that particular announcement.

The train got into Inverness on time and we switched trains for the journey to Kirkcaldy/Edinburgh.  A lot of the seats were reserved - although it looked like the tickets had been randomly distributed around the carriage.  As is often the case, either the people didn't turn up or sat elsewhere.  All except a large American girl who proceeded to clamber over Sandy to get to her seat - she managed to wedge herself in - although I was a bit worried that we'd need a couple of crowbars and a pound or two of lard to get her out again - tyre levers just wouldn't have been able to do the job!

The only other incident of note was Sandy exploding in fits of laughter at a particular point in his book, "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson.  For those that have read it it's the part where Bryson comes back from trying to buy insect repellent.  He had to leave the carriage for a few minutes to recover.

Somewhere along the way the air conditioning in our carriage ceased to function and it all got a bit hot.  The guard opened the window after Kirkcaldy, which is where Sandy got off to catch the train to Inverkeithing.

I got home to discover that my bike had made it back to Edinburgh before me - well done Royal Mail - although I'll have to go and collect it from the local post office - they said they couldn't carry it up the stairs - which I don't want them to do anyway because it lives in the garage!

So the big adventure is over.  I'll add some photos and final thoughts later.

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  1. Congratulations to both or you! well done indeed! Your blog has been hugely entertaining and I look forrwaed to seeing the photos!