Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Over 900 miles, might not make 1000 ! Shock horror....

Arrived in Crask with just over 900 miles on the speedo's (no not the swimming trunks).

For those of you who do not know where Crask is, I'm not surprised. It is 250m up on an isolated moor and consists of an Inn. Yup, this is it. The Inn however is full, Eric got the owners son's room, the son Tom is sleeping in a caravan, while I volunteered for the summer house - see pics.

It's a realhome from home with a gas lamp, a one bar electric heater, 3 chairs and a bed. I love it and the view out my front door is staggering.
Eric mentioned in an earlier blog that we were in the middle of no-where, but we were mistaken, THIS is the middle of a beautiful, isolated, no-where.

First punchline with no pictures...... 36, yes thought that would get you laughing, if you hadn't heard it before.

Battled headwinds all day, one rain
shower, 67miles or so, no real hassles.
Big thanks to the folks at the Crask Inn for looking after us. The alternative was another 30 miles to Tongue and a VERY short day tomorrow. Eric has no cell coverage.... Again.


  1. Target Money was so tantalisingly close ...I was overcome by a fit of generosity...Yahoo