Saturday, 19 June 2010

The journey home - part 1

Up early to catch the train.  The lady of the house gave us some sandwiches made with home made bread - which were definitely the best sandwiches of the trip.

We carted our stuff including Sandy's bags of bike bits up to the station in plenty of time.

There was a lady heading back to Dumfries and a few other folk arrived while we were waiting, one with a bike.  It looked like we could probably have gotten one if not both bikes on - but there were 4 on the train in total.

After the train set off we got the Spanish Inquisition from the guard - "Are you the guy who put a bike on in Thurso?" No. "Are you sure?"  I even pointed out who it was. "I've asked everyone on the train" he said.  5 minutes later he had it figured out (the bike was booked, but needed to be put on the other rack so's the tea trolley could get through.)  After that he was all smiles again.

The train crosses the most desolate landscape on its way south. On a grey day like today the sense of isolation is emphasised.  It stops at a few tiny communities - some of them request stops.  I wonder if people stand on the platform with their arm out?

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