Sunday, 13 June 2010

Day 9 - Langholm to Home (Edinburgh/Dunfermline)

The other entries for the day pretty much sum it all up.

I did a whisker short of 74 miles for the day and I think Sandy did about 92 - I get to do the extra tomorrow.
Average speed for the day was pretty high at around 12.4 mph - largely helped by the long downhill sections.
I am up to 662 miles - Sandy about 20 more than that.

We left Langholm at about 10 to 8 - thanks to our hosts for getting up to feed us breakfast at 7.  We got a few miles in before the rain started.  The most bizarre part of the day was the Tibetan centre about 15 miles up the road.  It was well defended by vicious attack midges, so we didn't pause for too long!

In the entire distance of 45 miles from Langholm to Innerleithen we saw no more than 30 cars on the road - and only 2 (and a fox) in the first hour.  This qualifies it as the quietest stretch of road so far.

It was great to meet up with Bill, Pete and Sid in Langholm.  Bill and mutual friend Ray did LEJoG last year and Pete and I joined them for the section from Innerleithen to Edinburgh.  That was a lovely sunny day and I was on my road bike - a much quicker riding experience.

I didn't get to watch any football tonight - having hummed and hawed a bit I decided to fix the bike - of course things are never quite as straightforward as they should be.  The new hanger is certainly the right part but there has obviously been a slight tweak in the frame and I can only fit one of the two bolts that hold it in place.  It seems to be secure though, so I've fitted the new rear mech and now I've got a full range of gears again.  Tyres are blown up as well, so ready to roll first thing in the morning.

I shall take the emergency replacement rear mech hanger that I bought in Halfords in St Austell with me just in case :-).

No beer blog tonight - unless a glass of Rose wine counts? No, I didn't think so :-).

The broken bit

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