Sunday, 13 June 2010

Some photos from the first 9 days.  These are off my proper camera as opposed to my or Sandy's phone, so there may be a few duplicates.

Waiting for train in Edinburgh.
View from Sennen in the direction of Land's End.

Old Success Inn where we stayed the night before we started
at the bottom of a very steep hill.  We helped one of the teams doing the pub quiz with answers like Dot Matrix printer and Stephen King.

At the start - ready to roll.
We paid for the official photo which allowed us into the inner sanctum next to the signpost - and the photographer then offered to take photos with our own cameras.
View from The Lizard - most southerly point in the UK.
The King Harry ferry.

We rigged up a sort of single speed option before catching this for the short ride to the other side.

The Elerkey Guest House in Veryan where we stayed the first proper night - we were pleased to see this after 15 miles of limping along with a broken bike - coasting the downhills, gentle pedalling on the flat and pushing the uphills - of which there were plenty.

Even better - it was just across the road from the pub and we made it before they stopped serving food :-).
Sandy doing the beer blog in Ross on Wye

Bailey the dog who lives at The White Lion pub in Ross on Wye.  There are signs around the bar introducing him but also pointing out that he gets fed twice a day despite the "They never feed me big brown eyes."  He tried it on with us as well.  He is what I would describe as "well built".  A very friendly dog.
A dragon fly.  I was trying to catch one in flight but they wouldn't cooperate so this will have to do.  It started to rain for a few minutes which probably discouraged them as well.

People paddling on the rather muddy looking river Severn in Ironbridge.
Yes, it's a flock of black sheep - wonder who the white sheep in the family might be?
The Anderton boat lift that moves boats between the River Weaver (long way down) and The Trent and Mersey canal.  No boats being transported as we were going through but seems to be a popular attraction judging by the size of the car park.
A very low tunnel under the railway on the cycle path into Preston.  This is only about 6 foot high if that - there is no warning sign saying dismount on the other side.  That said, the path is excellent otherwise.

Swan with cygnets on the Lancaster Canal.
On top of Shap.  The memorial stone is for those who have helped stranded travellers and kept the way open in days gone by.

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